GPS vs. Wife: Remember Who You’re Going Home With

Who is better at giving you navigation directions when you’re driving: Your phone or your spouse?

Today, it’s probably (but not certainly) your phone. Online map databases and route-finding technology are incredibly good, and phones receive real-time traffic and road construction data that no person could possibly know. So when your phone says to take one road over another, it probably has a good reason for it.

So what do you do if the person you’re driving with disagrees with your navigation system? What if your spouse in the right seat says, “take a left here, it’s faster,” but the navigation technology you’re using, with billions of dollars of development behind it and literally dozens of satellites in space feeding it data, disagrees and suggests you take a right?

Who do you listen to?

The person. Always.

The person may be wrong. They’re probably wrong, in fact. But the person is the one you’re going home with. The person is the one who can hold a grudge. The person is also the one who can apologize.

Trust the human. It’s not worth a fight. The phone won’t care.